Emrağ Construction and Investment Company started its journey in developing exclusive residential projects with a mission of ‘constructing living spaces where people would feel happy, peaceful and safe’.

The Bodrum based company, which was founded in 2005, continues its operations of constructing tourism facilities and luxury residences, executing a comprehensive range of luxury projects with an exceptional sense of quality and expertise.

With its highly skilled management team who develop unique and innovative projects, it is a young company.

Our company pays great importance to nature & its environment and develops living and entertainment areas with the finest details, blending comfort in its on-going and future projects.

Social responsibility is a top priority for our company that has diligently worked on the restoration of schools, sport fields, playing parks and we welcome any invitations for social responsibility projects.

Emrağ Construction and Investment aims to take its global reputation even higher in the future.

Rebis Bodrum
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